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Kasen: From Marriott

From: 23 September 2008
To:     21 December 2008   


   from Marriott
   to a ruined palace
   ah autumn blast

     it was an interlude
     of the prolonged sandstorms

   circles, squares, oblongs
   flag-maker's working in
   the moonlit atelier
          (Anne )

     all the full dress ships
     exchange gun salutes

   press corps raided
   a sleepy fishing village,
   a white whale washed ashore

     run, little mermaid, run
     on your brand new feet

   dear passengers
   we’ve crossed the date line
   April 1 now


     I've waited for hours in vain
     such a fool I took her words

   in a misty hue
   love romance started
   mobiles being turned off

     only I know that he is
     one of the justices of the SC

   to err is human,
   to forgive may not be
   his wife's policy

     come rain or come shine
     single-legged scarecrow

   harvest moon
   almost falling down
   to the old pond

     up! up! to the highest
     the spire of the rock

   hey kids
   get aroused now with
   the Rolling Stones

     I don't recall what I ate
     'twas only yesterday


   suddenly the game is over
   only the floral scent
   left behind

     on a thrown die
     a butterfly sits

   walking in the spring breeze
   along the River Sumida,
   Vivaldi from a cardboard house

     the trio plays a piece or two
     at Four Seasons’s bar

   eleven or twelve ?
   the big wall clock
   now strikes

     with full make up
     wiped off

              Jakarta Art Museum

   nasty mirror !
   wrinkle wrinkle

     someday, I believe,
     my prince will come

   a limousine
   dragging tins and cans
   marriage of convenience


     they both have
     very good resons for it

   don't ask me
   why I dropped out of

     the mantra called me
     from another shore

   and in me
   the Japanese
   came out strong

     fresh tea caddy opened
     farewell party started

   December moon
   lights up the marquee
   of Bedouins

     camel bells from far away
     linger in the silence

   never forget
   what your mother taught you

     lullaby goes on like this:
     pain! pain! fly away!

   flower to flower
   a butterfly flits around
   for life or for love

     may peace prevail on the earth
     glorious spring in the air

         --------THE END OF KASEN: FROM MARRIOTT--------

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Kasen: The Golden Bell

28 January-17 June 2008
          D. Horse

   striking 2008
   the golden bell opens
   a new horizon

     it also tolls for
     the old man and the sea
        (D. Horse)

   a shabby cat
   strayed into
   a rainy alley

     tiger beer?
     a big smile at the bar

   noise of garbage trucks
   hubbub at a newsstand
   moon hangs hazily

     crowd jostle for home
     the spring festival

   daffodils in a row
   nodding each other
   like freshmen at college


     do you know that Mrs. Smith
     who plays the shamisen ?

   at the great gate
   thus wooed the girl

     wake up, my friend
     you were in a deep dream

   for the Pluto
   the last space shuttle's
   already taken off

     pomegranate sweet
     in the moonlight

   red and yellow leaves
   underneath were people
   carrying all black backpacks

     here comes a wild boar
     straight down a single path

   given by damsel
   as a token of love

                  national treasure (Nara National Museum)

     unexpectedly huge bird
     reflected in the mirror

   hawks and doves
   all forget to fight
   the cherry blossoms

     war-battered hometown, alack
     ruined castle in deep weeds
        (Tu Fu / d.horse)

   a farm tractor


     shampooed and permed
     wife is ready to go out

   no places to visit
   no friends to call
   a blissful afternoon nap

     who shout for freedom
     from jails in Tibet?

   through a hole to the sky
   lamentation rose up
   like clouds

     something heavy-looking
     dropped in the lotus pond

   flesh and blood
   after the holy dinner
   a tipsy lurch

     time heals a broken heart?
     but it stood still

   a bandoneon
   touches again
   the slow writer

     Templo de la Sagrada Famillia,
     a Japanese mason's there

   a train whistle far off
   a dog howling near by
   moonlit silence of a night

     a hut midst the pampas
     alone in autumn wind

   a basketful of mushrooms
   from secret mountain


     the toy brick house
     suddenly broken down

   to right to left
   ocean splits in half
   making high walls

     Listen, they started removing
     snow of the alpine highway

   pale pink petals
   drifting around
   all day long

     footprints of Princess Saho
     everywhere on the meadow


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Kasen: Not Visible But Tangible

   18 September - 1 December 2007
   by Fujiwara Toshiyuki, D. Horse, Mandala and Tina


  not visible
  but tangible; the wind
  autumn is here
          (fujiwara toshiyuki/d. horse)

      on tatami with bare feet
      evening is a bit chill

  a moon
  swaying on the water
  in a tin tub

      I got it for you,
      my little boy
         (d. horse)

  he’s a mushroom
  to grow in the air
  huge and lethal

      the light at the street
      now turns green


  sipping coffee
  biting pretzels
  life is a rush
         (d. horse)

      frozen voices float
      as diamond dust dances

  someone left
  one of a pair of
  brand-new snow boots

      did anyone see
      a pumpkin coach last midnight?
         (d. horse)

  sunset to sunrise
  curfew is imposed
  in the capital

      the pie should be cut
      for seven kids even

  I dont have a mansion
  nor am I a yachtie
  moon and six pence in pocket

      the isle is in haze
      a distant silhouette

  I believe
  fairies of that blooming hamlet
  are all in a doze

      on a lovely spring day
      my pa and mom met

  her smile is a blur
  in the warmth of the night
  ah Diana

      quarrelsome fisherman
      has quitted drinking since

  a wreck of a boat
  on the deserted beach
  soughing of palm trees


      from a hillside desa
      comes soulful gamelan

  my nose itches --
  gleamy weather

      no love stories on TV
      attract Darby and Joan now

  couch potatoes
  beside the fireplace

      bull or bear
      the stockbroker is wavering

  onto chilly streets
  people dissipate for weekends
  crescent moon hanging in the sky

      they harvest strange fruits
      of the southern tree

  it's almost
  All Hallows' day

              Fra Angelico, National Gallery, London 

      a girl, all dolled up
      knocked on my door

  crepe suzette
  not an apple pie
  for tonight

      he lost his interest
      in monastic life anymore

  I cannot hold
  until the Great Wall
  falls down

      in a snowstorm
      nomads are starving

  his wife forgot
  to put chopsticks
  in his lunch box

      a rustle at the front door
      spring air wafted in

  oh Florence
  Flora springs out of
  la Primavera

       Primavera, Sandro Botticelli, Uffizi

      innumerable butterflies
      flew the sea off

        ----The End of Kasen: Not Visible But Tangible----

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How divinely: a Kasen

The new year's dawn,
The same sun rose as before
But, how divinely!

Swinging at the cold rope's end
Saddam could not see the light

Onto chilly streets
A subway exit spits out
Pale officegoers endlessly

A tropical shower hits
The hot roof of a mosque

Dogs wake up sheep
Women make up kitchen fire
The moon about to fade in the sky

as a short day is breaking
spouting whales are to be seen

In a vast cornfield
The cobs and leaves tremble
In the autumn wind

Where has the pretty face gone
Who used to play hide and seek

Here I find your legs
Fair and slender without shoes
O there your wasp waist

Sober up my friend
You are dreaming a daydream

Step aside my lord
When the spring sun embraces
Me and the barrel

Tomorrow I'll plow forward
for the sowing of the field

For the Easter table
Farmers are hurrying home
Bathed in moonlight.

Thinking of my folks in Kansas
I'm on night patrol duty

Follies still march on
Thirty years since Vietnam
Three years in Iraq

O where has my gravestone gone?
On the mound is Chiristmas rose
(brothers four)

On a bald mountain
A flash of hope through cold air
Day begins to break

Look, my son just began toddling
Spring is around the corner

TV is showing
Crowds in Kairakuen garden,
My wife and I sip hot chocolate

Memories dissolve into
The dark brown of bitterness

No word of consolation
Nor a dose of medicine
Can cure my broken heart

A glass of wine in your hand
An autumn song on your lips

A horde of elderly ladies
All wearing black backpacks
Looking up at red leaves

Astride the broomsticks they fly
Over boughs to the pale moon

A hairless man in working clothes
Stood beside a bonfire
Chilly morning in dead silence

With the temple bell tolling
The sky is brightening up

Clouds won't hide the sun
Blue sea of Hawaii trembles
On this wedding day
(Hawaiian song maker)

You’ve just come out of ripples
Alohaino to you
Notes: alohaino=a Hawaiian interjection, expressing great love.

Urban crows hurrying home
To the nests in the woods
A break from work for the day

Though happy with the sundown
The sun also rises soon

Oh it has been years
Since I stopped dreaming a dream
A knock on the door

The Haunting
is the movie I never forget

A sound from a pond
Before an ancient castle
In a bare mountain

Soon tadpoles'll cover the water
As young leaves cover the field

The mayflower drifts
To the discovered land
The moon is rising

Dolphins are jumping around us
Claiming the ocean is theirs

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